My name is Mina, the founder of Backyard Cart LLC. Gardening and farming have always held a special place in my heart, and I take great pleasure in cultivating fruit trees and a variety of vegetables in my own backyard.

As I traverse my neighborhood, it’s not uncommon to spot fruit-laden trees or fallen fruit on the ground, wasted and unused. Upon inquiring, I often receive the same response: surplus produce that can’t be consumed. This inspired me to create our website and app, to connect tree owners to potential buyers and share the excess with those who may benefit from it. The additional income generated can be directed towards essential gardening needs such as fertilizers, soil, new trees, or utility expenses.

Additionally, our app offers a valuable platform for small-scale farmers to expand their reach beyond the constraints of once-a-week farmer’s markets. We have a strong focus on organic produce, farmer’s markets, and cottage food.

Together, we can combat food waste and provide an accessible source of affordable organic produce for those in search of it.”