My name is Mina and I am the founder of BackYard Cart LLC company. I always love gardening and farming. I also have a small backyard where I enjoy planting some fruit trees and other vegetable plants.

When I walk around my neighborhood I also see many fruit trees full of fruits, or the fruits have fallen on the ground and rot. When I ask the owner, why they did not pick the fruits, the answer would always be, because we can not consume all of them. So I created the website and the App to help connect tree owners to interested buyers or at least share it with someone in need. The cash can be used for buying fertilizers, new soil, a new tree, or even paying for the water bill. The App can also help small farmers reach more buyers. Most of the farmer’s market in my area is once per week. The App and the website can help them reach more buyers or promote their products. The App focuses on organic produce, farmers’ market, and cottage food.

Together, we can reduce waste and help someone looking for cheap organic produce.