The key Idea for website is to connect home owners    who likes to grow vegetables and fruits in their backyard with neighbors who are interested in buying their produce. Home owners post their backyard pictures and the items their selling to sell and interested buyers can contact them for more details.

Each year home owners grow a lot of vegetables and fruits in their backyard. Homeowners usually consume as much as they can but most of the time they end up with a lot of left over on their trees. This left over usually fall on the ground and get   wasted. By selling their produce home owners can help in limiting the wast and also earn some catch they can use to care for their trees. After all growing trees does not come for free.

1. Search Your Neighborhood

Search the item you are looking for and the website will list all items offered by home owners growing trees. You can search by address to find close by trees.

2. Add Your Tree Produce

Home owners who own trees in their backyard can list their items for FREE. No hidden costs. Just take pictures of your trees and give an offering price.

People can then contact you asking for more details. You arrange pickup time and date and collect money from the buyer.

3. Contact Home Owners

When a user contact you regarding your listing, you will receive an email. You can then discuss with the buyer more details and arrangements.

Note that replying to the email will reveal your personal email.

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