The primary concept behind this website is to facilitate a connection between homeowners who have a passion for cultivating vegetables and fruits in their backyards and neighbors who are keen on purchasing fresh produce. Homeowners can showcase their backyard gardens and the items they have available for sale, while potential buyers can easily contact them for more information.

Each year, homeowners cultivate a surplus of vegetables and fruits in their backyards. While homeowners typically consume as much as they can, a significant portion often goes to waste, falling to the ground. By selling their excess produce, homeowners can help reduce waste and also earn some extra money to maintain their trees. After all, the cost of growing trees is not trivial.

1. Search Your Neighborhood

Simply enter the item you’re seeking, and the website will display a comprehensive list of products available from homeowners who cultivate their trees. You also have the option to search by address to locate trees in your vicinity

2. Add Your Tree Produce

Homeowners with backyard trees can list their items for free – no hidden fees. All you need to do is upload pictures of your trees and set your desired selling price.

Interested individuals can get in touch with you to inquire further. You can then coordinate a pickup date and time and receive payment from the buyer.

3. Contact Home Owners

When a user contacts you about your listing, you will receive an email notification. You can then engage with the buyer to discuss additional details and make necessary arrangements.

Please be aware that responding to this email will disclose your email address.

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